From Kayserkaya Mountain Houses, you can go to Şirince within 15-20 minutes by walking and within 5 minutes by driving.
These wood and stone houses within forest that you can easily reach with your car from the dirt mountain road are places for seclusion…There is no settlements near these houses. You can enjoy swimming in the pool under the pine trees in the hot days of summer or enjoy walking in forest. The summer nights are cool in Kayserkaya and winter nights are warm in houses with fireplaces. The pine trees that you can view from the windows of the houses are completed with a spectacular valley view when you climb the hill just a little. Ottoman style village breakfast is unique to Şirince. And you can taste the local foods along with the special wines at the Arşipal restaurant of Kırkınca in Şirince. And the members of Gülgün Family, who settled in this village after the population exchange, are very warm, caring and good humored. They are thinking of every detail just for your comfort. In other words, there is no doubt that you will have a great relaxing time in here with your family!